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The below given essay / article is about the beautiful bird Parrot. It was written in simple and easy words for school students.


The parrot is a very beautiful bird. It is lovely to look at. It has a red beak. Its feathers are green. Some of parrots have red feathers at the top. Its beak is curved. It is strong and pointed. Round the neck of a parrot there are black rings. They look very beautiful.

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Where Found:

The parrot is found in almost all the warm countries. It does not like to live in cold places. It generally lives in the hollows of trees. It builds nest and lays its eggs in it. It lays eggs twice a year.

It’s Kind:

The parrot eats grains, fruits, leaves seeds. It is fond of fruits such as pears, nuts, mangoes, etc. It also loves to eat boiled rice. Some times parrots enter corn-fields or poppy fields in large number. They eat up the grains or raw poppies.


The parrot can fly very fast. Parrots often fly in flocks. The sight of their flying information gives joy to us. They eat their food in a peculiar way. They catch a thing fast with their legs. They tear it off with their beaks and eat it up. They live to a good old age.

It’s Usefulness:

Parrots can learn to talk. If they hear the same words again and again, they can repeat them too. People who keep them as pets, teach them many holy means such as ‘Ram Ram’, ‘Sita Ram’ etc. etc. When a parrot learns many things, it speaks like human beings. It then gives a good price to its owner. It can be easily tamed and made to love its master and his children.


Many people train parrots to do wonderful things. They make a good living by giving shows. For all these reasons the parrot is liked very much by some people.

Parrot : Essay, Article, Composition, Short Note, Paragraph, Speech

Parrot : Essay, Article, Composition, Short Note, Paragraph, Speech

Essay On Parrot : Parrot is beautiful as well as an incredible bird. Its scientific name is psittaciforms. There are about 372 parrot species all around the world.

Its peculiar features are curved hard beak, strong pterodactyl foot.. means two toes at the front and two toes at back. The parrots are often brightly coloured. Usually Indian parrots are green however, there are many coloured feathered parrots are there two. To illustrate specifically red, grey, multicoloured are some. The size is approximately 3.5 to 40 inches. Weight is 64 grm to 1.6 kg. Worlds heaviest parrot is kakapo 4 kg. Pygmy parrot species is the smallest in the world 10grm. Parrots are usually found in tropical climates. It lives in holes of tall trees. Their life span is about 80 years. It lays eggs twice a year.

They are omnivorous. Their strong beak and muscular tongue helps them to feed. They fly very fast and often fly in flocks. They are the only bird species that can use its foot to bring food to its mouth. They are self medicating birds. They eat clay to detoxify themselves.

Parrots are believed to be one of the most intelligent of all bird species. It can learn to talk and mimic human voice.

If I Were a Bird Essay

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If I were a bird, I would like to be one of the small species, cute and beautiful. I would love to be a tiny maina who is beautiful, tiny and above all, it is a bird that man can keep as a pet. I would love to stay with men, study their ways and enjoy their company. This I would be able to do with men as, God has given the maina a power of speech just like men. It talks like a human being, has a sweet voice and, above all also has a great capacity to learn whatever it is taught. If I were to be a bird, I would like my life to be a beautiful blend of freedom of flying in the high skies and the love and care given by man. I see advantages in both and find it difficult to make a choice. My ambition as a bird would be able to fly high as high can be, like any other bird. This would give me an insight into what all exists in the atmosphere. I would also be able to assess first hand, the life of birds as a community, the advantages and the disadvantages they live with.

I would share my experiences with my kin and understand the difficult ways of life. I would attain knowledge of lives of birds big and small as I would move with them and conversing with them while flying high in the air, or sitting on trees with my other colleagues. Though I would love all this, at the same time I would love to become a pet in a nice family. This family would keep me closed in a cage lest I fly off. Here, in the family I would learn to be controlled and restricted. It would be no doubt a punishment of sorts to be tied down in a cage but I feel so happy imagining the love and care I would get from each member of the family that would adopt me. Here, at home, I would be served food in a platter, water in a dish in a right royal style. Aha! what a life that could be for me.

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Hunting for food and being frightened of bigger birds attacking me would not be a care for me. I would be a loved one of many – what a wonderful feeling it gives. While living with a family I would also be able to learn about the ways of men. How man lives, how he behaves, and what his attitude is towards birds I would be able to understand first hand, being so close to man. I would thus also get an insight into all this. Together with all these advantages, living with human beings, my art of talking like a human would get encouraged and I would get several chances to talk to the family. I understand man keeps mainas and parrots just for this art of these birds, of talking like men. My master, mistress and some small children of the family would teach me how to speak and what to speak.

Once I would get the training to speak, I would be able to chat with each of the family members and guests. This would earn for me heaps of praises by all who heard me. This I say because I hear a maina has a very clear and sweet voice, and a capacity to talk like a human. If I were a bird, I would like to get the blessing of this combination to be set into my life. It would give me a healthy and relaxed sojourn in a family, together with free visits to the sky, trying out my skills of taking high flights. The two together would give me as if, the best of both the worlds, of birds and humans. Oh! God, please grant me this life, that is, if I am not asking for too much.

Short essay for kids on My Summer Vacation. Our school closed for holidays on May 14. We had been planning how to spend the vacation this time. There were many proposals.

My parents wished to go to our home town, and be with my grandparents for about six weeks or so. My friends had a trekking expedition up their sleeves, while my classmates wanted to go to some hill station on an educational tour for which our class-teacher had also given consent. I wished to avail of all the three proposals.

First, I made my mother and elder sister agree to my going on the tour, with my class and the teacher, as the railway concession was already allowed for such journeys. They requested my father to postpone the programme to visit the grandparents by a week or so. My father readily agreed and decided that if I wished to go for the educational tour, I could join him later. He and my mother agreed to go in the advance party to be joined by my sister and me after my tour.

My friends agreed to go trekking, after my return from both journeys. The three journeys were planned in the following order: Educational tour in May, home town trip in June and trekking in July, when the monsoon reaches this part of the country.

My class-teacher had arranged for the railway concession for thirty-five students and three teachers. We started on May 20, reaching Allahabad late in the evening. Earlier, we had tea and snack at the Kanpur railway platform, since the train stopped there for ten minutes, that being a big railway junction.

We enjoyed our three-day stay in Allahabad very much. There we got our rooms booked in a lodge on Thomas Street. We did boating in the nearby river four times. We went to see different places. We also went to see Anand Bhawan, where Pt. Nehru was born. We returned on May 25, much refreshed and happy.

My father had booked our seats by Indian Airlines for June 2. I, along with my sister, took this flight as already decided, and reached our home town in… My First Day at New School

After I came to the United States, I began to attend North Penn High School on Dec. 6, 2000. It was a day that I will never forget. My first day in a foreign school was a especially hard for me. During my first day in a new school, I felt nervous, lonely, and sad.

First, I was very nervous because my school was huge. There were around three thousand students who were studying in the school; furthermore, there were around three hundred staff members in the school. My class schedule was hard for me to understand. Since I had never seen that kind of schedule before, I could not find my classes on time. Also, I was frightened of asking other students for directions because I did not know how to speak English. My first class was Biology, and I was already late for the class. Fortunately, I saw a security guard walking around in the hallway, who helped me to find my class. Many times I have asked teachers for directions too; I was late getting to all of my classes. Moreover, my teachers got mad at me and told me not to be late every time.

Second, I felt lonely because there was not anyone with whom I could talk. There were too many students walking around the school, but they never smiled at me or said “Hi” or “Hello” to me. In addition, in my world culture class, students had to work in a group, and no one wanted to work with me. There were all American students in my class; they were talking in English and making fun of me because I did not know English very well. Moreover, during the lunch period, I had to sit alone in the cafeteria, when other students were enjoying their lunch period with their friends.

Also, I felt sadness at that time, because I missed my friends and family very much. When I was in school back in India, my two best friends, Swati and Bijal, and I used to go to school together everyday; if one of us did not understand any concepts, we always helped each other out. Swati and Bijal always had told me that I was going to miss them and advised…