Description of my ideal home essays

Description of my ideal home essays

As I live in Singapore, i would like my ideal house to be situated either on one of the residential estates, right outside the bustle of the city center, or on one of the coast roads so that the cool breezes from the ever beautiful China sea could waft through my windows. Wherever my house was, it would stand in it sown grounds so that I would not, on any side, be over-looked by neighbors. The gardens, with which it would be surrounded would be very beautiful, full of colorful tropical flowers; orchids and canna lilies and with many glowing flowering shrubs such as bougainvillaea and frangipani. There would be tall leafy trees for shade and underneath them, my private swimming bath would be built, where we could relax and swim in the heat of the day. there would be pleasant paths winding through the green grass and comfortable seats where my family and I could rest, when the day’s toil was over.

The house itself would be built of white stone which is both cool and weather-proof. It would be on two storeys, because I like the habit of sleeping upstairs. It would embody features from both the Eastern and Western worlds. In front of it, I would have a large path with cool concrete pavings for the floor and a roof and sides of hanging creepers to which the humming birds would come in the still of the evening and keep company with us as we sat in the twilight.

The main sitting-room would lead off from the patio divided from it by sliding glass doors. The floor of this would be of parquet which is easy to keep clean and cool. Here, there would be comfortable ‘easy chairs’ in bright gay colors, many occasional tables and a cocktail cabinet, so that I could conveniently serve drinks to my friends. From the sitting-room, the dining room would lead. This, too would be suitably furnished in bright, cool colors. Both these rooms would have large electric fans from the ceilings and many standing fans besides. they would not be air-conditioned because this, all through the day creates too artificial a contrast with the temperature outside and would not, therefore, be healthy.

The kitchens and servants’ quarters would lead off from the dining room and be connected to it by a long passage so that neither the noise nor the smells from the part of the house would reach our living quarters. the kitchen would be very modern and up-to-date with every mechanical device that money could buy. Washing machines, cookers, refrigerators, mixers, polishers, garbage disposal units; none of them would be stranger to my kitchen. All would be work-saving and cool so that my wife and servants’ work in the kitchen would be a pleasure.

On the second floor, I would have three air-conditioned bedrooms, each one with an attached bathroom and a shower. These bedrooms, two for my family and one for visitors would be carpeted and furnished with comfortable beds. Although mosquito proofing is not strictly necessary, I would have this too to ensure extra comfort and peace of mind. One of the rooms would be equipped as a nursery with gaily decorated furniture and walls bright with flowers, so that the hearts of my children would be glad. The walls in the rest of the house would be in plain pastel colors, because such shades seem to make rooms appear larger and cooler.

At the back of the house, I would have a double garage with water pipes leading to it so that my cars would always be kept clean. Beyond this, in a scheduled spot in the garden not attached to the house at all, would be a separate building of one storey; simple and clean and neat. This would be my study, sparsely furnished with just a desk and a chair and my book-shelves. Here, I could not only work, but also rest and be at peace to contemplate my ideal house and the great happiness which it had brought me.

Write a Short Essay on Your Sweet Home

There is nothing in the world as sweet as a home”. ‘East or West, home is the best’ as the saying goes. Home is the symbol of human togetherness — a place where all of us learn the first steps of life. For most people the very thought of home brings fond memories, nostalgic feelings and sad emotions.

My home is situated in a suburb called Gandhi Nagar in the city of Guwahati, the capital of Assam. I was born in this city although my parents have migrated to the place due to service and occupation.

As for me, I feel a part and parcel of the city and consider it as my hometown. The locality where I live falls within the periphery of Guwahati Club, one of the major commercial centres of the city and is noted for its educational institutions, Sports facilities and green surroundings. My house is only a few yards from this commercial centre. The area is inhabited mostly by government servants, high-ranking officials and bureaucrats

My house is situated at the side of a bye-lane leading to Guwahati club. It is a two-storied building constructed by my father about ten years ago. The top floor has been rented out. The ground floor, which we use, has four bedrooms, a drawing room part which also serves as a dinning room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

My brother and myself share a room, while a room has been given to my elder sister. The third room which is the largest room in the house is used by our parents while the fourth room is kept as a guest room. All the living rooms have floor carpets, while the drawing room where we entertain our guests and watch T. V. has marble floor and an artistically carved showcase. The showcase contains numerous trophies, beautiful mementos and several attractive handicraft exhibits.

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The house has a little porch in front where my father keeps his car. The portion between the porch and the road is used for gardening, which is taken care of by my mother. There is a small patch of land behind the house which is used fo r cultivation of vegetables and for dumping of scraps and useless articles of the house.

As the area is inhabited by senior government servants, the houses here have posh surroundings, high security wall, lively gardens and huge front gates. Being very close to one of the nerve-centres of the city, we are fortunate to have all the facilities such as, markets, schools, hospitals, banks etc. The High Court, Railway station, Reserve Bank, Museum, Public library, Sports Stadium, etc. are all within a walk able distance.

I have a brother and a sister. My eldest brother is studying in Cotton College, the famed college of the city, while I study in Don Bosco School. My sister studies in St. Mary’s school which stands a few metres away from our home. My father is an under secretary and works in the Govt. Secretariat at Dispur while my mother is a senior lecturer in a Commerce college in the city.

My home is a happy home. We the children love our parents and they in turn do all they can to make our life cheerful, enjoyable and least burdensome. We care for each other and do our very best to make our home a happy and a sweet home.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Dream House


I agree with your statement May, which is the luxury house is not always comfortable.
actually your writing is already good but remember in using punctuation on the right place on your writing.
thank you. ImI

Thank you very much Ery

I think you can share about Balinese style house with Ery and Arni because I have read their writing about Balinese house. I agree that the good house can make all family comfortable and enjoy in house. I interested that you will build swimming pool and small football because you need wide yard and not common in our society in Bali. I think you need attention in usage comma in sentences.
Have a nice day may.

I agree with you and ery, a luxury house is not always compertable. A House must be compertable, so you can feel happy live there. About your writing, in my opinion you have to give more emphasise in your writing. In the third paragraph you talking abou two different things, in the begening you talking about your second floor and end of paragraph you talking about outside of your house. You can sparate those two things become two more paragraph. It will make your writing more clear and interesting.

well May, actually your dream house is great, even you imagine that you want to have Balinese style house. that is very interesting for Balinese people, and I can feel so. 🙂
for your writing, I am sorry May, I found some inappropriate terms, such as «home sweet home» I think this is not a word May, perhaps it should be a phrase, and in third sentence in last paragraph I found «the most important things», I suppose it should be «the most important thing». One more thing May, I want to ask question, which one is your thesis statement, is it in first paragraph or the last one? 🙂

Sumer, Actually my thesis statement in first paragraph, I’m lazy to change that because this writing already rated by the lecture. I think it’s not useful if I change it to be better. Thanks

thank you Dewa. I’m sorry I have my own way to make my writing to be interesting, although it different to the other, include you.
He .. He

after reading your story, my statement may be almost the same as ery, because it does not guarantee a luxurious home comfort for families who live in it.

after reading you story that about your dream house I’m happy for you . you got a simple dream house not like I . I wish you make it

A good house is the house that makes the dweller feels (not fells) comfortable.

the four walls and a roof does not make it a house. It is more about the feelings, relationships, Warmth of relations etc all that count, and your KARMA, which will identify you in eyes of others — that means they will keep you alive in their memory. Even without «house» people have few of their close friends or so to say, people who feel close to these people. They are rich. Happiness is a temporary phenomenon.
over all it is a nice writing — a dream house — that remains a dream for ever. Keep on dreaming. Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina Sarve Niramayah. Let all people live happily all be healthy — This is the prayer in SANSKRIT, passed on through centuries in our land.