Developing a thesis statement for a narrative essay

Tips and techniques for writing a thesis for a narrative essay

Now a narrative essay must flow. Usually it is a chronological in that it starts at the beginning and works its way through as the narrative is revealed. But any essay and a narrative essay as well needs to have a seriously good thesis statement. The way to achieve that situation is to understand what a thesis statement is and what it does and just as importantly, find out what it isn’t so as to avoid certain mistakes.

What is a thesis statement?

Well it’s a main point. No, that’s not correct. It’s the main point. Each paragraph in your narrative essay will have a main point but only one paragraph, the introduction, will have the main point. It might be a question which you are going to answer or it might be a statement which you intend to prove. A thesis statement could be a single sentence or perhaps two. It will never be long and full of flowery language. In short, your thesis statement tells the reader what your narrative essay is all about.

Creating a seriously good thesis statement

The first thing you must do is make sure the reader knows where to find your thesis statement. You can make it very easy by putting it in your first paragraph, the introduction, and in a prominent position. Never put it at the end of the paragraph. Either put it as the first or opening sentence or as the second sentence in your first paragraph.

You often hear advice about how you should proofread your narrative essay when you finish. The same thing applies to the thesis statement. When I say you proofread it, you go over it time and again to remove any unwanted words and most certainly any vague words. The meaning of your thesis statement should be crystal clear.

Subtlety is always good. You never write words to the effect that state, ‘this is the thesis statement’. You allow the reader to discover it. This is because it’s so well written, because it so clearly the thesis of your narrative essay and because it appears at the beginning or very close to the beginning of your essay.

Make it specific

It is a fatal flaw in creating a thesis statement for a narrative essay if it is general in nature. General equals difficulty equals failure. Make your thesis statement not only clear but as specific as possible. Refine it until it is exactly in this condition.

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Narrative Thesis Statement

Examples of thesis statement for an Narrative essay

Writing a thesis statement of a narrative essay reveals the authors ability to share something important with the reader without mentioning excessive unnecessary details focusing only on the main message of the narrative essay. A good thesis statement of a narrative essay should focus on the lesson that the author has learned from some kind of experiences that influenced him in the past. In other words, the thesis statement should contain a message which needs to be delivered to the reader with the goal of teaching him something important. The thesis statement of a narrative essay shows the real reason the author is sharing his story with the reader. Correspondingly, the thesis statement needs to be written before the narrative essay itself to make sure the author does not move aside the topic of the essay. As a narrative essay is a personal essay correspondingly its thesis statement is always the reflection of the personal experience of the author.

One life-one opportunity.
Thesis statement: I have only one life and I will use every opportunity to be successful.
My autobiography. My life.
Thesis statement: I am thankful for everything that has happened to me in my life.
One love.
Thesis statement: Love has changed my whole life and made a better person out of me.
My family is my strength.
Thesis statement: My family gives me the inspiration throughout my life.
Death and Life.
Thesis statement: Death is an inevitable part of life.

Developing a thesis statement for a narrative essay for students to help in college

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Thesis serif font

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Developing a thesis statement for a narrative essay as the main academic writing of kile thesis template

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