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World Issues: Drug Trafficking Essay

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The definition of a world issue is something that affects every living organism on the planet. In this presentation, I want to talk about is the illegal drug trade. The illegal drug trade is a global black market, dedicated to manufacturing, distribution, and sale of drugs, which are subject to drug prohibition laws. A UN report said “the global drug trade generated an estimated US$321. 6 billion in 2003. ” With a world GDP of US$36 trillion in the same year, the illegal drug trade may be estimated as slightly less than 1% (0. 893%) of total global output. Illegal drug consumption occurs worldwide, too.

Facts about Cocaine Trafficking in the United States The primary way that cocaine enters the United States is via the border between the U. S. and Mexico (65% of all cocaine that comes in does so at the Southwestern U. S border) The major suppliers of cocaine in the U. S. are Colombia drug gangs and drug lords. The Colombians uses drug smugglers in Mexico to transport cocaine over the border. The Colombians control the bulk of the cocaine trade in major cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Miami. Mexican drug cartels have started to run and produce cocaine themselves and now control the drug trade in major Western U. S. cities such as Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.

We will write a custom essay sample on World Issues: Drug Trafficking specifically for you
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We will write a custom essay sample on World Issues: Drug Trafficking specifically for you
FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page

We will write a custom essay sample on World Issues: Drug Trafficking specifically for you
FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9 /page

Despite the best efforts of the Unites States’ “War on Drugs”, the cost of cocaine is lower than ever and the availability is greater than it was 25 years ago. The U. S. government agencies primarily responsible for apprehending cocaine traffickers are the U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation, U. S. Customs Service, U. S. Border Patrol, and the U. S. Coast Guard. In 2006, these agencies seized over 150,000 kilograms of cocaine in the United States and surrounding waters and territories.

The price of powder cocaine in the United States varies greatly by location, and is less expensive in those areas closest to the hubs of drug smuggling and criminal activity. For example, a single gram of cocaine costs between $20 and $30 in New York City, but that same gram can cost upwards of $100 in upstate Maine. In 2006 there were approximately 5,000 cocaine-trafficking-related arrests made in the United States. This number is significantly lower than in 2004, when almost 11,000 such arrests were made by various US drug officials.

Drug Trafficking

The topic I have chosen to write is about drug trafficking. This topic is very interesting to me because right now, everywhere you go its a hot topic. In my country drugs are a very big problem, too.

So, nowadays this topic is increasing to top and unfortunately drug trafficking is an easy way of earning money for some people.

Drug trafficking causes multiple problems for families and communities. The most important problem are the teenagers. Drug traffic is also influencing a lot of teenagers because of the easy money they can earn in a short period. This situation is causing widespread among young people. A second problematic effect of drug trafficking is the government. The government is doing nothing about it. This is important affairs and the states know this issue despite, but they didn’t have the adequate intelligence to do anything for the country’s economy.

Despite these problems, the menace of drugs can be fought. Education is the first line of attack. Parents and children need to be taught. This is a must. They can be taught at special conferences in community centers, live from the television, internet, at home and at school about danger of drug abuse and trade. For example, If a child in your class is using drugs and other friends saw him affected by these events. Another approach to the problem of drug trafficking is about governments. Governments should focus their attention to solve the problem of drug trafficking and they can also aggravate penalties.

In conclusion, although the problems of drug trading and abuse may seem impossible to eliminate or to even control. So, to overcome this situation falls jobs for everyone. If everyone make something i think, this problem can be fixed.

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Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking includes trade of illegal drugs. These drugs are produced in one region of the globe and then through a well articulated network get traded to different corners of the world. According to a report published by United Nations Research Institute for Social Development in 1994, most of these illegally drugs are being produced in the lesser developed countries and then are being traded to the more affluent and developed nations. The same report also claimed that every region does not produce all the kinds of major illicit drugs, rather each region produces one or two major illicit drugs and then moves them to other parts through a strong distribution channel. Another report by United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC), confirms the research work and findings by United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. According to UNODC, the major illicit drugs that are being produced and traded are cocaine, opium, cannabis and heroine. UNDOC’s report suggests that the countries that are involved in the production and trafficking of the illicit drugs are Bolivia, Columbia, Morocco, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan. UNODC’s reports in 2010 and 2013 suggest that Columbia and Bolivia and Columbia are the hubs for cocaine production, opium and cannabis are mostly produced in Morocco and Afghanistan, while Iran and Turkey contribute to the heroine production. Pakistan acts as the trafficking hub due to its strategic global position.

Drug trafficking has a tremendous social impact. It breaks the spine of the society. Drug trafficking provides a mean to earn easy money for the section of population belonging to the lowest stratum of the socio economic strata. As the unemployed work force of the world is rising steeply, more and more and young adults are getting involved into drug trafficking and thus are getting lost into the dungeons of drug peddling.

Every year millions of dollars are being spent to curb drug trafficking and for the rehabilitation of the drug addicts, however the results are not encouraging. Though, according to the recent report by UNODC, cocaine and heroine production has been curbed down but the fact is that these drugs are still available in huge quantities. One of the reasons of the failure of the control measures is the poor economic condition in the underdeveloped countries along with the profitability of trafficking of illegal drugs. Thus, if drug trafficking has to be eliminated from the roots then all the nations have to come together with a plan to eliminate the drug peddlers and their distribution channels, and along with, a policy framework must be drawn to develop the underdeveloped countries so as to improve the conditions of the farmers and to bring down the percentage of unemployed work force. Only then, drug trafficking could be eliminated or otherwise, the whole world will be entangled in the cob web of drug trafficking.