Essay about friendship for kids

Essay about friendship for kids

331 Words Essay on Friendship for kids

A hit Tamil film song goes, ‘Friendship is the ship that never sinks’. A person without a good friend is a very lonely person indeed.

People don’t get to choose their relatives but the beauty of friendship is that we get to choose our friends. Life without friendship is simply unimaginable. Friends accept us with all our faults and foibles. They don’t preach to us or lecture us about studies and how to behave, etc.

They are just happy to be with us and this makes us comfortable with them. We can unburden our hearts to them knowing that we will get a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Friendship is like a pleasant oasis in the desert for the presence of friends makes us joyful and calm even in the midst of problems.

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Friends encourage us in all that we do while parents mostly want us to do well in studies. Loyal friends will defend us from enemies who try to slander us. Recently, there was a movie about friendship in Malayalam. It was later remade in Tamil and Hindi. The movie was about friendship and how it can even change lives. It is about two friends. One becomes a barber and the other, a big movie star.

At the end of the movie, there is a scene in which the movie star, at a school function, pays a deeply moving tribute to his old friend whom he does not recognize in the crowd. He talks about his poverty-ridden childhood days and how his classmate would share his food with him and even cut his hair for him as he could not afford a haircut.

Seeing his talent and potential, his friend encouraged him to dream big and sold off his gold stud to help him run away to the big city to realize his dreams. There was not a single dry eye in the theatre when this scene was shown. Need I say more to describe the power of friendship?

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Friendship is one of the most precious gifts of life. A person who has true friends in life is lucky enough Friendship makes life thrilling. It makes life sweet and pleasant experience. Friendship is indeed, an asset in life. It can lead us to success or to doom. It all depends on how we choose our friends.

True friendship is a feeling of love, sharing and caring. It is a feeling that someone understands and appreciates you as you are, without any exaggeration, flattery and pretensions It gives a feeling that you are ‘wanted’ and that you are ‘someone’ and not a faceless being in the crowd. A true friend stands by you through thick and thin. True friendship knows no boundaries or demarcations of caste, creed, race and sex.

Friendship is both good and necessary. Man cannot live all alone. He is a social being. He needs someone to share his joys and sorrows. Generally, it is only the people of the same age, character and background, mentality, etc., who can understand him and understand his problems. Friends are needed for support and for sharing. Friendship is an elixir which is essential for a happy life.

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They are needed to turn to when one is in trouble, and facing difficulties. According to the great Roman Statesman Cicero “Friendship increases happiness and diminishes misery by doubling our joy and dividing our grief”. Friends are needed in every stage of life. Friendship has no age limit. Every group of people — children, youth, elders, very elderly people, etc. have their friends. However, it is better to have friends of the same age group and cultural backgrounds.

We need to select our friends very carefully. We have to remember the maxim “All that glitters is not gold”. In the same manner, we must not be moved by apparent show of friendship. Many remain with us in the guise of good friends and lead us to the wrong path. Today, many youngsters have become social nuisance mainly due to wrong company and bad friends.

We spent much of our time with them. Their mental outlook, behaviour, attitudes affect us too. Therefore, we have to choose our friends very carefully. We have to distinguish between fair-weather friends and true friends. True friends remain with us through thick and thin while fair-weather friends are found only during sunny days.

Lasting friendship is indeed, a blessing. Good friends are great pillars of life. They help us to stand tall and erect in life. Friendship can make or break us. It can lead to good careers and proper living. It does not matter how often you meet your friends, but how much you care and feel for another in good times as well as in bad times. True friendship is a great asset in life.

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Friendship is a special boon of God given to man. You can share all types of sorrows and joys with a friend.

Good friends always give one the right kind of guidance. They are sincere and they make incredible sacrifices without any personal motive.

Good friends always stand by their friends in fair and foul weather. It may be easy to make a friend but «being a friend takes a life time». Friendship or being a friend is not a temporary phase.

It lasts for years and never breaks unless one of the two proves insincere. It is in fact a very delicate and sensitive relationship. It needs to be tackled carefully without hurting each other.

It is true that we can’t make friends who are not similar to us in some way or the other. Two persons become friends when they have common ideas, tastes, approach to things and common value systems.

It is the real and clear understanding of each other that sustains friendship. Vices like arrogance, in flatedegos and vanity can be harmful to a friendship.

If one person tries to show his superiority over the other such a relation cannot last.

They should share each other’s problems and joys and should be willing to help in the time of read.

Good friends can help to mould one’s character hence we should always be careful of the kind of people we befriend and once we have a friend we should thank God for sending him to us.