Essay about village fair

Essay about village fair

432 Words Short Essay on a Village Fair

India is a land of villages though urbanization is taking place at a fast pace. Still, most of the people in India live in villages. They do not have many means of entertainment and shopping in the village and have to go to the nearby towns for this purpose. But fairs, which are held frequently in villages, provide them a welcome relief.

A fair is also held in my village every year on the day of Baisakhi. The Baisakhi always falls on the thirteenth day of April every year. It is on this day that the farmers start harvesting their wheat crops in northern India. Hence the day is celebrated with great joy with only little variations from, village to village. I went to see the Baisakhi fair held in my village last year. It covered quite a vast area outside the village.

Avery large numbers of people from nearby villagss were making a bee-line to the fair. There were a large number of stalls. At many stalls, sweets and other eatables were available in large quantities. Large-turbaned men and women, with their heads covered, were sitting on benches and were eating colourful barfi, rasgullas and gulab jamuns. Some of them were taking saltish dishes like samosas and pakoras.

Still others were taking purees and kachories with cooked grams or potatoes. Some stalls were selling colourful toys, balloons and balls. There was a great rush at stalls selling ladies’ items like glass bangles, bracelets, necklaces, nail-polishes, lipsticks and several other items of artificial jeweler.

Some religious minded old ladies preferred to buy clay images of gods and goddesses or attractive pictures of deities. Cassettes of devotional hymns and film songs were also being displayed and were in great demand.

In one corner, a juggler was showing his tricks. And in another corner a snake-charmer was singing with his pipe in front of a Cobra who had its hood raised while a large crowd of people stood around.

After some time, both the juggler and the snake charmer appealed to the people for money. The people paid money on voluntary basis and according to their will and capacity, while some just watched as a free show. There were certain games of skill in one stall which was a special attraction for the merry young men.

However, one great attraction of the fair was the “Bhangra”, the folk dance of Punjab, which was being performed most enthusiastically by young boys for the sheer joy of doing it. And similar was the case with “Giddha” performed by young girls. The fair was like a paradise.

A Village Fair Essay

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A village fair is an annual affair in our village life. It is basically a large gathering of rural people on a particular occasion. It is like a mirror that reflects the emblem of rural life, culture, art and heritage. A village fair generally sits by focusing a day of great importance in our village life. It is held on the occasions of some religious festivals or local important events. It sits on the 1st day of Baishakh, the first month of Hizri year or on the day of Charka Puja and so on. Sometimes it is held on national occasions. It is usually held on the bank of a river or by the side of village bazaar or under a spreading banyan tree or in front of a temple or a Dargah. A village fair is an exhibition in miniature of rural products. The rural artists and craftsmen come from far and near village with their artifacts.

Various kinds of decorated and painted articles of wood, bamboo and cane are found in the fair. Different kinds of fancy goods such as cloths, toys, utensils, cosmetics, sweets and seasonal fruits are also available there. Everybody buy things according to their tastes and choices. Some special and attractive arrangements are made in the fair to amuse the visitors. Circus, magic shows, Jatra are the main attractions of them. Merry-go round, puppet shows, mock-fights and the lotteries are also arranged to attract the people. A village fair is not free from drawbacks. There are gambling and haunt of pick-pockets.

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Because of these evil people, innocent villagers often become penniless. Very often unhygienic sweet and food items are served among customers. As a result, there is a very chance of the out break of cholera, dysentery and so on. Very recently, young generation is getting addicted by drugs in such a fair. In spite of having negative aspects, a village fair appears before the villagers with all the opportunities for joys and pleasures to them. It reminds us our culture and tradition. It inspires the skilled hands and collage industries and helps them by building up economy. Moreover, it is a part of our culture, custom and ethnicity.


A Village Fair

Fairs according to me, is the happiest joyful moment of everyone’s life, and being a part of a village fair is even more exciting. Away from the noisy city life, pollution — free air and the smell of roasted corn, make one really feel like relaxing and getting caught up with the moment.

Normally a fair is organized in a village during a famous festival. They have a lot of makeshift stalls set up with a variety of items, like sweets, the famous mouth watering bondas and pakodas, toys, etc., all of which attract children, who in return plead with their parents to buy some for them. Some of the items do make most adults curious as to know what each item contains.

There are a lot of games for children, like the movable giant wheels, the merry-go-rounds, etc. They have the different traditional songs and dances, which are performed mostly under the night skies, beneath the beautiful stars. Thousands of people come from all over just to experience this kind of life. I love to visit such fairs.