Essay community problems

Essay community problems

‘Homelessness, a social problem’ — Issues in community essay

My instructor assigned us to write about an issue that the community suffer from or worry about. Any suggestions how to start an essay about this topic or ideas.

I Have this paper due tomorrow and so far what I have this( Essay Below) please any help in organizing it and adding any detail and if there is any grammar error please help revise thank you in advance

Homelessness, a social problem that my community suffers from. It’s a condition of people who lack regular access to housing and that comes back

To several factor as mental illness or abuse of drugs, sexually or physically abuse, and for simply been poor.

People who have complex life issues related to mental illness and of substance use are the most common people who tend to be homeless first because they can’t hold a study job so they can’t afford paying rent

The other reason that led to homelessness is the sexually and physically abuse that people suffers from in their own families, their own houses, maybe from the father, the mom, the wife and people who tend to encounter in those situation are especially among teenagers and women so their only escape from that neglecting is to run away from home and sick refuge in the streets where they can feel free

Finally, the most important reasons why people become homeless could be due to the unavailability of affordable housing unit for low income people. This fact show that people who do become homeless is because if a unavoidable situation. Those are people who do have work but they just can’t find the one that pays enough to cope with the housing payment and its expenses. Or sometimes people lose their job and can’t pay mortgages or rents no more so they end up living in the street and these causes cannot be prevented.

All in all, homelessness is a growing issue and requires a social action to overcome the unfairness that those people suffer from. Either by building affordable housing units to low income people, they would afford. Protection our children and women from the abuse they may get exposed to, if so trying to help and guide them in the right path. Lastly help our community by having program that help addicted people to overcome their addiction and help the mental illness people by affording a health care program.

This is so far what i wrote please any suggests if the essay is complete or need any gramatically or detail changed
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One of the major problems that a community suffers from is homelessness, which It’s a condition of people who lack regular access to housing. According to the institute for the study of Homelessness and Poverty at Weingart Center, an estimated 254,000 men, women and children experience homelessness in Los Angeles County during some part of the year and approximately 82,000 people are homeless on any given night, and is caused by several factors such as mental illness, drug abuse, physical or sexual abuse, and simply not having enough money

People who have complex life issues related to mental illness and of substance use are the most common people who tend to be homeless. Serious mental illnesses, some caused from substance abuse can disrupt people’s ability to carry out essential aspects of daily life, such as a job, self care and household management. Mental illnesses may also prevent people from forming and maintaining stable relationships or cause people to misinterpret others’ guidance and react in an angry manner. This often results in pushing away caregivers, family, and friends who may be the force keeping that person from becoming homeless.

Also Abuse and assault seem to be silent features of homeless. Studies have consistently found, in the histories of both individuals and families who are homeless, high rates of physical and sexual abuse in childhood, frequent foster care and other out of-home placements, and a variety of other family disruptions. Those constantly getting assaulted by their families may choose to run away and seek refuge in the streets rather than accept a life of daily beatings and rapes.

Finally, the most important reason why people become homeless could be due to the unavailability of affordable housing for low income people. This fact shows that people tend to become homeless out of unavoidable situations. There are people who do have work but they earn too little to pay for rent, electricity, water, and other housing expenses. If a person loses his job, then they obviously have no way to pay for anything at all.

All in all, homelessness is a growing issue and requires a social action to overcome the unfairness that those people suffer from. Either by building affordable housing units to low income people they can afford. Protecting children and women from the abuse they may get exposed to, if so trying to help and guide them in the right path. Lastly help our community by having program that help addicted people to overcome their addiction and help the mental illness people by having affordable health care programs

My suggeston;
Homelessness is one of the major issues that a community suffers. This condition arises when its people fail to have regular access to housing.

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Custom Community Problem Solving Paper Essay


This paper will briefly present a specific problem that was solved by community policing solved through a law enforcement initiative in Anaheim area of California.

Just last year, 2010, our neighborhood Anaheim experienced a tremendous problem with robbers preying on small apartments in the community. People were shot, stabbed or robbed on a daily basis. It was alleged that the gangs used to deal with drugs and indeed sale of narcotics skyrocketed and new graffiti appeared daily. To fight this problem, the Anaheim police department decided to assign some community policing officers to help improve the deteriorating conditions in the neighborhood.

The assigned police officers used conventional enforcement methods and arrested about 200 individuals in the neighborhood in the one year they were assigned in the neighborhood. The strategy continued for a year but they realized that it was not working to reducing crime in Anaheim. The illicit activities of the gangs remained high and unchecked.

Upon this realization that they could not easily eradicate the vice in neighborhood, they sought help from the community to help them stem the vice. In the scenario, there are two cases of crime that they were dealing with; that of graffiti and gangs.

For the first case of graffiti, after some interviews with the community members, it was found that the graffiti taggers selected the area because it was in a dark place to passers-by, especially a where buildings converged in a corner at the end of a poorly lit road. It was discovered that visibility was reduced by the some live fences that had overgrown at the site’s perimeter. Although business peak from 9am to 5pm and can even go further to 9pm. On the case of gangs, banks are situated along the commercial street with ATMs and gangs pound on suspecting customers. The robbers hide in dark places near the teller machines and attack unsuspecting ATM users after they have completed their transactions.

Within the same year, the city established a successful plan that reduced crime in the area by about 80 percent. This was like an eye opener in that it was realized that the efforts for this reduction did not come just from the law enforcers but from great help from the community. After interviewing the community dwellers on the possible hideouts for the gangs, the police took appropriate action to ensure that the neighborhood was safe. The actions taken are documented below;

In the case of graffiti, bushy hedges were trimmed. Light masts were installed along the road as well as motion detection lighting in the affected areas. On the part of robberies to especially ATM users, we requested the bank to help fix a wall to help act as a barrier between the bank between the ATM machines and parking area as well as the drive way. The lightning also helped to ensure that the robbers do not hide in dark places. In addition to the above, the community’s pride filled everyone and most people wanted to take part in improving security of the most affected areas and indeed the whole community.

But as expected, the community policy enforcers and the police do encounter problems and therefore the police should work closely with the community enforcers to ensure it is a success. This is especially from the community dwellers who regard this job as entirely for the police and thus that they have nothing to do in helping reduce crime. But it should be understood that mutual responsibility with community should form a basis of reducing crime by engaging all those who are involved; the police as well as the community dwellers to eradicate crime. This can be a success if ongoing problems are tackled by well developed strategic plans and deteriorated neighborhoods. By enlisting everyone to work and be part of the team, then this type of fighting crime can do more to fight crime than the normal way we used to fighting crime; that of depending on the police to fight crime and criminals directly.

The experience at Anaheim has shown that when the city dwellers understands their role in fighting crime by the help of the police then real progress will be made to reduce crime or eliminated completely and thus make our neighborhoods be safe. People should realize that community policing is everyone’s responsibility in helping fighting crime. This will thus improve our living conditions in the areas we live in.

Community and problem solving Essay

Communities in each and every part of the world find themselves faced by numerous problems and challenges ranging from environmental, political, economical and security problems — Community and problem solving Essay introduction. It is always important for each community to establish the problems it is facing and come up with objectives. The community should also as much as possible try to include each and every stakeholder while tackling a certain problem. This greatly minimizes conflicts of interest as every member of the society feels that he or she is a party to solving such problems. Each community should as much as possible try to adopt the best strategy in tackling each problem. While dealing with problem solving at community level in the modern world which is filled with so many differences, it is always wise to look for a common ground without fearing a disagreement. This will ensure that problems are solved both effectively and democratically (Braga, 2001).

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Community policing and federal government integration

A major tool that is being used in several countries in solving community problems, especially those related to crime and security issues is the community policing. It has proved to be very effective in curbing crime and restoring law and order. Community policing basically, is a mode of policing where the police work together with the society in their role of maintaining of law and order. Community policing recognizes the shared responsibility between the police force and the community and also the independence of the police force. It is aimed at ensuring a secure and safe environment for every member of the society. Through this mode of policing an equal and active partnership is established and developed between the police and the community. It has proved to be very efficient and effective in addressing public safety and crime, since it provides a forum in which the safety issues of the society are discussed jointly and solutions to the problems identified and implemented (Farlex, 2009).

While employing the community oriented policing, the police power usually extends to cover all aspects of a community that is the police influence covers all aspects in a community. Under this policing strategy, the police officers are regarded as being an extension of the larger community. Community oriented policing aims at restoring informal controls that could encourage individuals to police themselves. This form of policing also aims at ensuring that people in the society become disciplined by following the morals and virtues held important to the community. Community oriented approach have been termed as an effective method especially due to the fact that it unites the society and the police. Under this policing approach, the police and the citizens in a community work as a team which may help in ensuring civilization in a community and also in guaranteeing the company with safety. Community policing helps in ensuring that the gap between the police and the communities is breached. This is major advantage of this policing approach (Farlex, 2009).

Another major advantage of this approach is that it helps in creation of bonds between the society and the police. These bonds are usually based on trust which is an important tool of fighting crime. Under the traditional policing approaches, there was no connection between the police and the communities which made it difficult for the police to solicit information concerning crime. By making police part of the community, the police are in a position to carry out their duties effectively of providing securities. Also, the society is more cooperative in fighting crime thus this approach helps in reducing criminal activities while at the same time deterring criminal activities in the society. In societies where community policing is practiced, people are usually afraid to commit crimes since they know they might be caught easily since the police work together with the individuals in a society. This acts as an effective tool for crime deterrence and reduction (Farlex, 2009).

Apart from being concerned with fighting crime, police officers are also involved in improving the quality of live for the communities in which they work with. Police officers are in a position to obtain funds from major business people and government departments to aid the communities where they are situated. Employing a community oriented policing approach would thus help in ensuring that the economic status of the society and especially the youths is improved. This approach also enables the officers to know of any resources which could be vital for the growth of a community and also in discovering other resources which could enhance the living standards of a community (Farlex, 2009).

In the past policing have been very traditional, repressive, reactive and mainly focused on the priorities of the federal authorities and their priorities. But in the wake of rising cases of crime it has become more important for the federal authorities to involve the communities for them to be able to achieve their goals. This has led to a shift, where the law enforcement agencies can now involve establishment of external partnerships, involvement of citizens, organization transformation and problem solving. The adoption of federal agencies to work with the communities has served as a very solid foundation in the achievement of their major objectives which are the maintenance of law and order. For community policing to be effective it should also include interagency and intergovernmental collaborations with the federal agencies and the state. These co-operations play a vital role in the collection and intelligence exchange, identification of vulnerabilities and threats and also aids in mobilization and resource sharing when need arises (Philippaerts, & Phahlane, 1997).

Problem solving policing

Problem solving policing approach involves the identification of certain crimes and other problem disorders which help the police to formulate responsive strategies. Unlike in community policing, this approach emphasizes more on research and analysis with an aim of preventing crime. This approach involves both the private and public organization in solving community problems which makes it’s to be confused with the community oriented approach. While analyzing crime happenings, this approach analysis all the incidents which have been re occurred in a community and also looks for any similarities between such occurrences which may be of any concern to both the police force and the communities. Unlike in traditional policing approaches whereby similar incidences were treated individually, the problem oriented policing aims at identifying the root cause of such incidences thus helping in rooting out criminal activities in a community. This is one of the major advantages of this approach of policing. Also, this approach works together with the affected communities in trying to identify the problems and in formulating solutions. As such, this approach is efficient in not only ensuring that criminals are convicted but also in ensuring that possibilities of the crime being repeated are eliminated. This policing approach is efficient in rooting out crime in a community (Braga, 2001).

Problem oriented policing usually involves the police and the communities in identifying and formulation of alternatives to fight particular recurrent crimes in a community. This helps in fostering cooperation and trust between the police and the society which is vital in fighting crime (Goldstein, n. d).

Despite their differences, the community oriented policing, problem solving policing and federal government’s integration into community policing approaches are similar in that they aim at reducing crime through the cooperation with the communities. Their only difference is that their influence on the communities differ and also the intensity of interaction between the police and the communities. Though community based policing seems to be advantageous and ideal, it is more costly and highly complicated than the problem oriented policing approach. The latter is more practical and achievable than the other two and thus more applicable.

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