Essay on international book fair

Essay on international book fair

Visit to Book Fair Essay

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The Neyveli Book Fair Conducted by the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) is now branded as the South India’s second largest book fair, next only to Chennai Book Fair. I love to visit the Book Fair every year when it is held in the Month of July/August. It is a joyful occasion for all our family. The book fair was indeed an exhibition to watch. There were many halls and each hall was segmented into stalls managed by the respective publishers. The venue boasts of fully-covered paved pathway and shelter to visitors from rain and sun. We had local publishers, national publishers and International publishers. The book fair attracted a large number of People. All the stalls were full of books and they had displayed books on several subjects, children books, subjected oriented books, literature books, Law books, management books, science and technology. Top of them was a huge collection of dictionaries and fictions. All students purchased books of their fond.

I too purchased the book of poetry as i love it the most. My mother purchased books on cooking and religion. My father purchased books on travel and maps The highlight of the event is that one author and one publisher would be felicitated and one book released every day. We can interact with the author of the book and also there will be a speech at the lignite hall by an eminent personality from the literary circles. Many other related events are conducted like book discussions, debates, Dramas etc., during the 10 day course of the book fair.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Visit to Book Fair specifically for you
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We will write a custom essay sample on Visit to Book Fair specifically for you
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The Book Fair also consists of large number of interesting games, eatables which attracts children like me to a greater extent. I played lot of games with my brother. Spot competitions also held for children visiting the fair. I too participated in some competitions. Free health check-up, a regular feature was carried out by a medical team from NLC General Hospital. All in all it was a joyful occasion, an event to cherish for whole year till next book fair arrives. The event was an eye opener for me in so many aspects. I enjoy visiting it every year.

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It is said, “The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr”. I perfectly agree with this view. I am a lover of books. I spend a good deal of my leisure, reading books. Books give me immense joy and satisfaction apart from knowledge.

It dispels my tension for some time, at least. That is why; I always visit book fairs whenever I get a chance to do so. Last January, I got the opportunity to visit the North-East book fair held at Guwahati.

The book fair was organised by the Booksellers and Publishers of Assam and Northeast at the Judges Field, Guwahati from 10th Jan. to 20th Jan., 2003. A strong barricade of tin sheets and bamboos fencing were erected all round the field with a grand entrance. Numerous colourful flags and decorative lights were put up all over the field.

Within the enclosure there were numerous stalls put up by different publishers and booksellers. Besides, the publishers from Assam and Northeastern states, several leading publishers from other states too had set up their stalls. One evening, I visited the fair along with my friend. We were surprised to see a huge crowd at the fair.

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The crowd, of course, mostly consisted of school and college-going students. Nevertheless, there were a lot of children and general public. We visited many stalls and went through many books. We saw thousands of books exhibited on stands and on tables, arranged topic wise.

At the entrance to each stall there was a counter for inquiry and payment. One could also get a catalogue of the books available in the stall. I was interested in getting the latest arrival on Engineering Entrance Examination, while my friend wanted to get some good books on computer software. We were not disappointed and got what we wanted and that too at a cheaper rate than what the ordinary bookstalls offer.

Now-a-days, book fairs are becoming quite common. Besides, the commercial advantages, they also provide several benefits to the general public. The greatest merit of book fairs is that it widens people’s reading habits and love for books, leading to an improvement in literacy and public education.

The commercial benefit of book fair is also significant. It promotes large-scale sale of books within a short time, with minimum expenditure. Generally, book fair exhibit hundreds of books on different topics and therefore, one can get the book of one’s choice at a short time.

Another notable merit of book fairs is that during such an occasion we can go through the content of the books quite leisurely while that is not possible, if we think of purchasing a book from a bookstall. Generally large discount and special concessions are offered to attract the public and so one can purchase the book one wants at a cheaper rate.

Book fairs also provide the opportunity to see and go through the latest publications of different authors. Nowadays, book fairs organise various readings recitation and other such competitions. People also get an opportunity to meet well — known writers as publishers try to arrange for that.

385 words short essay on A Visit to a Book Fair

Free sample essay on A Visit to a Book Fair. Book fair is a great event of attraction for the intelligent and book lovers. National book fair is organised by the National Book Trust every year. It is held in Pragati Maidan.

The World Book Fair is organised every alternate year, publishers from all across the world participate in it. The year 2008 was declared “The Year of Books” by the National Book Trust.

When we heard of this we were eager to visit the book fair. We discussed this with our teacher to visit this mega event. The teacher readily agreed and took us batch by batch to this event. We hired a big van and went along with our teacher to watch this grand event.

We all started for the book fair at 10 o’clock. It took 30 minutes to reach there. At around eleven, we were at the venue. We were stunned to watch this event. It was really a spectacle to watch. There were attractive hoardings everywhere. Security arrangements were tight. We had to pass through metal detector to reach the different halls. Each hall was segmented into many stalls managed by the respective publishing houses. There were local publishers, national publishers and international publishers. The stalls were attractively decorated. There was a huge crowd of people. Some of the stalls particularly those dealing in stationery and children books were thronged by the people.

Each stall was a delight to watch. They displayed children’s books, subject-oriented books, books on language and literature, books on performing arts, science and technology, books on software and hardware, banking and finance, Management and accounting, books on analog and medicine, books on law and income, books on cookery, health, beauty and fitness and religious books. In addition, there was a huge collection of dictionaries.

Every publisher had their own way to attract the public some were offering heavy discount while some other had gift schemes. Some publishers had made special sitting arrangement for the readers. There were cafeterias and ice-cream parlours. We bought books of our choice. I bought a book on Shakespeare. We came back at 5 o’clock. We enjoyed the visit tremendously. It was a memorable trip.