Essay on you have won a prize

Writing a Speech for Winning a Writing Competition

I have won a first prize in the essay writing competition and I’m supposed to make a speech after receiving it. What do I say? Please advise.

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If you are giving a speech at a banquet in which you are being recognized for your essay you will want to thank everyone (or the judges) for choosing your essay, mention when you heard of the essay contest what convinced you to participate, mention what encouraged you to write the paper you did and in any of these mention those who had an influence on your decision.

Keep it simple. that will make it easier to remember what you are going to say. You can make cue cards to assist you if necessary. On the cue cards just put key words that help you remember in the order of what you want to say. Finish up by thanking everyone again for the honor of the award . or whatever you feel is appropriate.

explain haw you plan to use the money to improve your life

Essay on you have won a prize

Abhishek asked in English

you recently won a prize in a school competition and felt very happy about it write a page in your diary expressing your feeling

Nitika Sahdev answered this

Monday, October 7, 20xx.

Today has been one of the best days ever.

I take part in many competitions in school, but never win a prize. All that changed today. When the Assembly started, it was like any other school day. At the end, results of the elocution competition were announced. I paid no attention, presuming that again I would have won nothing! My friend, in line behind me, nudged me hard and told me that my name was being announced. I could not believe my ears. I had bagged the second prize and the teachers were praising my choice of poem and delivery style.

I was overjoyed as all my friends congratulated me. At home, my parents felt proud of my achievement. Finally, my hard work and interest in co-curricular activities had paid off. My excitement might not let me sleep tonight.

Essay on you have won a prize

The day I won a prize

It happened on a School Sports Day when I was asked to represent my house in the Long Jump. There were no other suitable ones, and I, being the tallest of my friends, was promptly sent to the Long Jump pit. My house-master reckoned I might have a chance to win.

He was right. I did win, but not first prize. I only managed second place, coming behind someone who was at least five centimeters shorter than me.

We were each given three jumps. There were about ten of us competing for the prizes. When my turn came I ran down the lane as fast as I could and took off at the board. I thought I jumped very well but it was a foul jump. So I waited for my next jump.

I saw the other competitors leap like gazelles into the sand-pit. One particular boy, the eventual winner, was built like a tank. He was not tall, but his legs were muscular and strong. So when I saw him make his jump, I knew that no one else would be able to beat him.

No one did. I managed my best jump of 3.65 meters and that was nowhere close to his best. The other competitors did much worse.

I was delighted to collect my little plastic prize from the Headmaster. It was the first time I had ever won anything. My house-master patted me on my back . I smiled happily as I went home to show the prize to my parents.