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The music industry has been around for over two centuries (PBS). Its volatility can be measured by its ability to shift and change according to its time period, the technologies that arise through the ages and the public’s shift in musical taste. The music industry is comprised of many different components, organizations and individuals that…

Scenario Your local paper has assigned you with a task to present them with information about the roles and contracts in the Music industry. Carry out an investigation that describes/explains/comments critically on the roles and contracts of one area of the Music Industry and deliver your results as a presentation to the class. Task 1:…

Critical Analysis: What is the Strategy of Spotify and how improve business Spotify model: Executive Summary: This case study about the Spotify business model allows a broader vision of what the digital music industry is. In a short time, many companies have developed and managed marked their territory in a highly competitive industry. The start-up…


Can you map the different kinds of innovation in the case study? Which were incremental and which radical/discontinuous? Why? Give examples to support your answer. One of the innovations in this case study is e-tailing. E-tailing or Electronic retailing is a channel where business-to-business and business-to-consumer sale goods and services through the internet in which…

When Tim-Berners Lee dreamt up the, then, crazy idea, of an inter-global network, I’m sure very few people had the same optimism in believing that it could happen in the future. Over the last ten years, the Internet has evolved from just web pages to e-mail, to online gaming, to viewing sport and film previews,…

Nowadays, teenagers are living constantly surrounded by technology. Even if the younger generation may not see it, technology has had an impact on different factors. The widespread use of digital technology in the music industry has allowed consumers to reproduce digital versions of copyrighted songs inexpensively, with the help of many software and websites. There…

In this essay I will be discussing the four main areas of the music industry; I hope to gain knowledge about them and how they connect to one another so I can better myself overall as a musician. Record Labels: Record Labels are brands that are responsible for marketing the music recordings and music videos…

Throughout the years, drugs and music have been as synonymous as America and baseball. Especially within the past 50 years, this nation has experienced the birth, and death, of many genres of music due to rampant drug use. Sure, we all know that drugs are bad for you and that if you abuse them, they…

Elaine McArdle said, “The music industry is struggling with a full blown crisis”. What could possibly be pushing the music industry into a crisis one might ask, illegally downloading free music. In the essay, Up on Downloading, three Harvard Law School professors are trying to come up with different solutions to this problem that is…

For many people, music is a large part of their lives. They listen to it to as often as they can. In their cars, while they work out, study, and many other daily activities. But does anyone think about how important music is to those who work in the music industry? Some people buy CD’s,…

The internet and the music industry are in a lot of conflict with each other due to the associated copyright and piracy issues. Recorded music created by several artists can be accessed over the internet free of cost. This has simply resulted in several changes as to the ways in which music is created and…

OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of this literature review is to demonstrate the possible impacts of internet, specifically in e-commerce and online advertisements, to the industry of Punjabi music. Furthermore, the literature review explores various points of researches, studies and arguments of different authors on how internet can be either beneficial or damaging component towards…

There are three major segments in the world music industry; the industry that deals in the recorded music, the industry that is involved in the broadcasting of the already recorded music and the industry that attends to live performances. There are other less significant segments which are concerned with the broadcast rights for live performances…

In the music industry prior to the introduction of internet marketing there were different roles being played by different actors of the market. The usual way a product is prepared for market is to contract the artists. The artists who were the content providers record materials which are either their own or provided to them…

Benny, a class 9 boy who excelled in the art of singing wanted to make use of his rare talent and raise money for his future education. He set up a small time business with 2 of his friends to raise money, as he was very poor. One of his friends Sam decided to handle…

20 Inspiring Ideas for Your Short Essay about Music

Music is one of the most important and powerful things in our life. That’s why papers about musical topics are quite enjoyable for students to write their short essays. However, writing about music may be as complicated as dancing about architecture. Quite often, students get stuck at their assignments as they simply don’t know what to write about. Here are some inspiring ideas for your paper about music.

Choosing a Topic for an Essay about Music: Some Useful Ideas

Choosing a topic for your writing is probably one of the most challenging tasks. Many students spend long hours deciding what they will actually write about. It is recommended to start by brainstorming the following ideas:

  • The way music affects you.

Setting your own musical experience as an example in your paper about music is a great idea. Either you play an instrument or simply adore listening to the music, share your knowledge and experience with your readers.

  • The way music influences our everyday life.

    If you decide on writing about the way the music influences our everyday life, be sure to choose a specific aspect in order not to make your topic too broad. For example, write about how music affects dancing, mental health, fashion, advertising, etc.

    When writing about a certain music style, don’t just come up with historical facts, names, and figures. Try to present your readers with some interesting events in the world of music as well as show their effect on the modern society.

    If you need to write your essay a few days before the deadline, being focused on your assignment may not be enough. You may simply be short of time to carry out a thorough research as well as to analyze and organize the data you have, etc. For this reason, some high-quality examples of music-related topics can be quite useful if you know where to look for them.

    20 Inspiring Ideas for Your Short Essay

    1. The power of music.
    2. The effects of music.
    3. The sound of music.
    4. The effects of music on the brain.
    5. Music as the way of life.
    6. The history of music.
    7. The psychology of a certain type of music.
    8. Music as the means of socialization.
    9. The truth behind music and television.
    10. The music industry.
    11. Musical education: the sound of success.
    12. The ins and outs of the music industry.
    13. Music in generations.
    14. Music and emotions.
    15. Music and race.
    16. Is music a universal language?
    17. The benefits of musical education.
    18. Music: the all-powerful medicine.
    19. Classical music.
    20. Cost of free music downloading.

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    List Of Interesting Music Research Essay Topics To Write About

    Research papers can be written in any classroom, even in the arts. Papers about musical topics are more enjoyable for students to write than the papers about scientific or literary topics. The reason that music papers are more fun for students to write is because there are so many interesting topics. Music research papers can be written about vocal music or instrumental music or theory topics. Here are some ideas:

    • How has music changed over the decades?
    • Who are the most influential musicians in an era?
    • What makes music ¨classical¨?
    • How does music affect dance?
    • How does a musician break into the industry and become a professional?
    • What are the most lucrative careers for musicians?
    • How does music affect physical health?
    • How does music affect mental health?
    • How is music marketed to different age groups?
    • How has music categorization affected sales?
    • What is the future of the ¨album¨?
    • How does music affect fashion?
    • How does music affect advertising?
    • What has impacted music more: classical music or rock and roll?
    • Why are there so many tribute bands?
    • How does music affect development in children?
    • How does music affect learning and memorization?
    • Explain the quote: ¨Music soothes the savage beast.¨
    • How is music used during war time?
    • Explain the differences between music and poetry.
    • Trace the evolution of rap and how it affects culture.
    • What has happened to jazz?
    • Should the term ¨Indie¨ no longer be used in music?

    Music topics can be general, large topics like genres, artists, or movements. These general topics are better suited for lower-level music courses instead of junior or senior level courses. When you get into graduate classes or more specific courses, it is better to focus on narrowed topics. When you choose a topic for a music research paper, you should always be sure the topic is arguable and does not have an obvious answer. If you want to make the topic more interesting for your and your reader, you can always argue the side that no one would imagine to be arguable.

    The topic that you pick should be appropriate for the class, but you can manipulate the topic to fit your interest. So, if you are taking a course in music from the Renaissance, but you are really interested in modern rock music, you could compare the types of chords and messages in the two musical genres.