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Short Paragraph on My Aim in Life (Teacher)

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Every individual has some kind of aim in life. It is always good to develop ambition in life.


A person without any aim is a very unfortunate person. This is due to the fact that he is like a paper on the ground which tosses thither and hither aimlessly at the mercy of winds.

Such people do not have a set destination. They reach nowhere in life. They fail to achieve anything in their entire life.

Ambition is a very essential part of our lives. Having only an ambition is not enough. One should also work hard to achieve his/ her ambition. You must make vigorous efforts to achieve you aim in life. Efforts are part of your success without which you cannot realize anything. Each one of us has different ambitious in our lives.

Some people aim to get wealth. While some want to be famous. Few of them want to serve mankind. Some wants to become an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman or a political leader. Like other I too have an aim in my life. I want to become a teacher.


Wealth does not lure me. I don’t want to be glamorous life of a film star. But I want to serve the youth of my nation in a very humble capacity. In my country almost 40 percentage of the population is illiterate. I want to educate my country’s youth. I believe that I can serve my fellowmen in a best possible manner by becoming a teacher. Many few people in our country wants to chose this profession because of the fact that teachers in our country are paid very low. But still I want to become a teacher because money is not my ultimate aim in life.

By becoming a teacher I want to become a guide, Philosopher and a real friend of the students. I want to turn the inner eye towards light with the powerful tool called education. I believe that in the present era our country is facing 2 major issues such as superstitious and illiteracy which needs to be dealt as soon as possible. I have the confidence to possess the zeal of a missionary to become a teacher and educate others.

After becoming a teacher I would not only share the subject knowledge with my students but also theoretical knowledge to develop their personal character. I will instill spirit of patriotism and nationalism in the minds of my students so that they are aware about the rights and duties. I will show them the path towards truth to lead a virtuous and noble life.

Essay on My Aim in Life to Become a Teacher

Here we are going to give you an essay about my aim in life is to become a teacher. Hope this essay will be helpful to you all. My philosophy of life is that we should set our goal and then we should try hard to achieve it. The progress and prosperity of a country is the result of the great endeavors of the dedicated men who have high ambitions in life. There are as many ambitions as men. Some want to be doctor, engineer, some craves to be a military and civil officer, others to be poets and novelists. My ambition in life is neither power nor wealth. “I don’t want to be a king but a kingmaker” I believe only in the well being of mankind and that can only be achieved by education and reeducation of my fellow countrymen.

I want to be a teacher no matter how strange it may sound to others. I want to be a teacher of English. Teaching is very different and important it is of supreme importance to influence those who are going to grow up and matter to the world. There are many reasons for my choice.

Teaching has been profession of prophets, priests, saints and moralist. I have got a temperament and taste for teaching. As a good mother rears good children a teacher builds up a good nation. Allah send our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad ‘Sall Allahu Alay hi Wasallam’ to this world for the whole humanity. I think the best people are those teach others. Engineers build grand buildings roads and dams, doctor treat the patients civil officers run the administration, military officers defend the country, but it is their teachers who make them so. A teacher is an engineer maker, a doctor maker, and an officer maker.

Some peoples may ask why I want to be an English teacher. The answer is that English is the language that is spoken and understood by most of the people in the world and it is the Lingua Franca of the world. Books on modern science, philosophy, history, commerce and other subjects are mostly in English.

To achieve my ambition I work day and night. I devote all my time to study english language and literature, whatever others may think of my aim, I am satisfied with it. In the final analysis, I must say that aims and ambitions are very important to determine a career or profession for us.

My Aim in Life Become A Doctor, Engineer, Teacher Essay

It is said that aimless life is a miserable life, we will update here My Aim in Life Become A Doctor Engineer Teacher Essay and Aimless life is like that when a person starts journey but he don’t know that has to go in which direction. An aimless life is like a person without destination. So it is necessary to have a life with clear aim that you know in which way you want to go and what is your destination. If we look around ourselves then we come to know that there are many people around us who are just leading their life aimlessly. They do not achieve anything in their life and are aimless people. The people who want success in life they determine their target. They keep before them their circumstances, their virtuous, their qualities, their talents and their ability to work.

My Aim in Life Become A Doctor Engineer Teacher

They select some definite target of their life and remain successful. There is a famous quotes that “the aim, if reached or not, makes great the life”. Similarly a roman philosopher says that” when a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind”. All these quotations show that aim is very important in life.

My Aim in Life Become A Doctor Engineer Teacher Essay

Different people have different in aims in life, some people want wealth, some people want satisfaction and some people want fame. There are as many aims as men. Some want to become a doctor, some want to become an engineer and some wish to be a military officers.

My Aim in Life to Become a Doctor:

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My aim is neither wealth nor fame but I want to do a noble profession. I want to become a doctor because I want to serve my country by helping the poor people. I want to dedicate my life for helpless people therefore I have chosen this field. I am working hard to achieve my aim. I know there is a tough competition among the students when getting admission in a medical college so I am properly doing hard work.

This profession is my personal choice and my parents are also happy with my decision. After becoming a doctor I will plan to do work in rural areas or the region where there are less health facilities available. I will feel intense happiness when I would achieve my aim. I am quite satisfied with my choice of field because that is according to my taste and interest.

My Aim in life to Become an Engineer:

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My aim is to become an engineer because I want to do a work that is according to my taste and interest. I have chosen this field because I want to use my skills for the benefit of society. I know there is a tough competition among the students when getting admission in an Engineering college so I am properly doing hard work.

This profession is my personal choice and my parents are also happy with my decision. I am doing great efforts to achieve my goal because I know I don’t have a strong family background so I want to support my family. This is the main reason behind my choice. I want to do Engineering from a good University because I want a good job after the completion of my professional education. I am happy because I have chosen my favorite profession.

My Aim in Life to Become a Teacher: There are several reasons that compel me to choose this profession. The main reason is that teachers from the beginning make their students a good member of society. In these days I am seeing that our young generation is not following the right path.

So I decided to become a teacher because I want to make children think of right path. Teaching is a noble profession so I want to become an English Lecturer. I hope to produce good citizens in our society. I am satisfied with my aim in life and I will do efforts to achieve my goal. As words worth said has said, “A noble aim, is as a noble deed”. This is very use full of My Aim in Life Become A Doctor Engineer Teacher for class 7th 8th 9th 10th class students and check the below other more important essays.