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Personal Narrative of a Childhood Experience Essay Sample

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Personal Narrative of a Childhood Experience Essay Sample

Every individual have their own set of experiences in life. Some may try to convince their selves that they don’t have a past for reasons that their history is concerned, but there are also those who love to relive moments in their life where they felt complete. As for my case, I believe that the memories I have during my childhood were the most challenging and exciting events of my life. Like a butterfly I felt as if the world were full of possibilities, like that of a young bee wishing to come out of one’s bee hive to see what wonders the world could offer.

I remember one time, when I tried to open the door—which I could hardly reach—and my mom saw me struggling on my intended escape. It was the first time that I stumbled and I was able to see a dimension outside the four corners of our house. It was funny how my mom would tell me, “you will only get hurt and it won’t do you any good. Behave and you’ll be fine,” but like any other spoiled brat sitting on a comfy chair, I often gave a grin and smiled with sarcasm, “I know I wanted to see what was forbidden.” But that certain point of life, least to what I expected, made such great impact. Today, as media and paparazzi could dwell to divulge on, things that are forbidden must have been strictly implemented.

Several adolescents are swallowed with egoistic and selfish thoughts of “freedom.” But then again, it makes me think, what has this urge to pursue with one’s “will” taken these individuals? The pop princess all over issues, high school students wanted to have maternity leave, rebellion, drug addiction, eloping with a lover, gang members—their parents warned them not to go astray, perhaps they haven’t seen the light. The point of this argument is, adventure may be interesting and exciting. But there must be limits. Not because one is getting older, one must no longer follow their parents. That time, when I stumbled and saw the view outside of our house, I had mixed emotions. Was the view worth the pain that I suffered? This is the story that consistently struck me, sometimes children are smarter than those with exponential age.

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Each and every person has his or her own set of experiences of life. Some people find it hard to talk about their past experiences; while others find pleasure in telling people about the unforgettable moments in their childhood that have had an impact in lives they live today. As for me, I felt that my childhood memories and experiences were some of the most exciting but at the same time challenging events in my whole life. Like a butterfly, I felt that my life was filled with potentials, and I needed to fly out there and explore them. As a child, I felt like a little bee yearning to get out of the beehive to explore the world and what it had to offer. Every person tends to have fear for something that makes them paralyzed on the spot when they are in the presence of that thing. I happen to have fear for heights. This is story of my childhood that has impacted my life up to date.

I remember one time when I was playing with my childhood best friend, Anita in my bedroom which was on the first floor of our house. Besides the house, there was a very big mango tree that was in season, and it had many big mangoes, that I always wished I could pick from my bedroom. Whenever I was seated on my bedroom window, I was just a few inches away from the fruits. I remember asking my mom who was resting below the mango tree if I could jump from the window to the mango tree to pick the fruits; I did not want to go through the hustle of going down stairs then climbing the tree for me to get the fruits. My mum, with her stern but loving voice, warned me not to try jumping through the window, to the top of the mango tree. She said, “Listen to me; you will only get hurt by jumping through the window”. Although I knew I had this fear of heights, my friends’ teases made me want to have the courage to overcome the fear. My best friend kept on telling me that it would be fun jumping on a mango tree like a monkey. I visualized myself as a monkey jumping on top of a tree; it sounded funny and I had this urge to try, especially to prove to my friends that was not afraid anymore.

Like any other spoilt child who is determined to do the forbidden, I disregarded my mom’s advice. Seeing that her attention was not on us, I made a deal with my friend, to go out and stand below the mango tree to hold me incase I would miss it. She quickly ran out, and as soon as she was right below the tree, I jumped. Guess what happened; I missed the tree very narrowly and landed right on top of my friend’s head, and we both fell down. We were lucky that we did not get serious injuries. Can you imagine what would have happened if no one was available to support me, I would really have sustained serious injuries, even a dislocation? Now, that is what you call the consequence of not obeying your parents. You can imagine the reaction of my mum, she was yelling when she saw me; she though that I might be injured so badly that I may not walk again. She came right where we fell and held me tight, I could tell that she was sobbing, but at the same time happy that nothing serious had happened to me. I swore never to disobey my parents again.

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Soon it was summer holidays and my friends asked me to go and swim with them. I remembered that I feared heights, and I did not want to go climbing into the river to swim just because I wanted to please them. I quickly remembered how I almost got injured while trying to jump from my bedroom window to the top of the mango tree. Again, my friend Anita, convinced me to go, since she was also going, and I needed to prove to my friends that I no longer feared jumping from higher heights. Children forget really fast; I do not imagine how I agreed to do something like that. I told my mum that I was going swimming with my friends, but she adamantly refused. She knew my fear of jumping from higher heights; her greatest fear was that I might get injured. Imagining the adventure that was awaiting us, I could not hold myself back. I escaped with my friends, and once again I disobeyed my mum.

On arrival, I was amazed by the spectacular scenes in the arrea. The place was breathtaking; the rocky cliff from which we were to jump from, was covered all over with smooth green grass, and beneath the cliff, was the water, deep and blue in color, splashing against the base of the cliff. The scene was just amazing. We saw other divers jumping into the water from the cliff, and it seemed like they were enjoying themselves. I was encouraged to try, after all what was the essence of disobeying my mom to come all the way to the river, only to retract at the last minute? I was determined to do the impossible.

Soon we started changing into swim suits, since we were wearing normal clothes when we came. Anita asked me if I wanted to jump into the water first. She knew that I feared heights and she wanted to see my reaction. I told her that I was not ready yet, with a courageous face, so that she could detect that I was already trembling. One of my other friends named Mark, decided to jump into the water, since it seemed that everyone had suddenly feared jumping. As soon as he was in the water, he shouted that I was next. It seemed that there was a plot, because to my surprise, everyone unanimously agreed that I be the second to follow. I went to the edge of the cliff to see where I was going to jump. Little did I know that my friends had planned to push me into the water. Before I realized it, I had lost my balance. I was screaming at the top of my voice, and my body thrashed. Things happened so fast, I had jumped straight at the base of the cliff. I hit my head on the rocks underneath and you can imagine what happened.

The Most Memorable Experience in My Life

Since I am a high school student, somebody might say I have my entire life ahead of me, with all of its beautiful experiences. But despite being so young, I already have a personal breathtaking experience, which I am sure I will carry with me until my last days: my first hike to the mountains.

Though traveling is not a big deal for me today, before my trip to the mountains, I used to be a homebody. I had friends to hang out with, several hobbies, and I felt completely comfortable spending weeks or even months in my hometown—or sometimes even on my block—without going anywhere. All my demands of novelty were satisfied by the Discovery and National Geographic channels, and I seriously thought there was no difference between seeing something on the TV or with one’s own eyes.

The situation changed when one day David, my best pal who always has a couple of colorful bugs in his head (or, in other words, was always carrying out several crazy plans at once) tumbled into my room and proclaimed his disgust for civilization. I will not describe how he managed to persuade me to join him on his journey to the Rocky Mountains; all I will say is we departed in five days.

This was my first time in the mountains, so I was turning my head in all directions. Unfortunately, the weather was foggy most the time, and the higher we got into the mountains, the worse the visibility was. Even despite this fact, I still enjoyed the hike—I felt like I was Bear Grylls, whose show I used to watch with excitement: in the wild, with food and water in my backpack, carrying a flashlight and a knife. On the first day, we were making our way along the foothills; but the next day, we started to climb on one of the peaks. Though it was not that steep and high, I was still excited. I regularly hastened, and because of that, I ran out of energy long before we got to the top; David, on the other hand was more well-paced.


When we finally got to the top, nothing had changed. The same fog was covering the surroundings, and even though I was teeming with positive emotions, I felt disappointed, because I counted on seeing the view from above and perhaps being able to take some photos. We spent a couple of hours on the top, and decided to turn back, when the wind suddenly dispersed the clouds, and the plateau we were standing on became illuminated with the sun. I saw a fantastic panorama in front of me, and for some moments, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seeing all those mountain ridges, cliffs, and edges on my own, not on TV, was like a revelation for me. The strong wind blew right into my face, and I stood there and watched shreds of fog gliding over the ground far beneath me. At that moment, I realized that I won’t be able to live a life without visiting the mountains at least a few times a year.

The next day we returned—my legs started to hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. But every time as my face wrinkled because of an ache, I remembered the feeling of being high above, with my head touching the skies and the clouds swimming below.

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