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Essay on Sports Day of My School for School Students

We had the annual sports day of our school the other day. I took active part in the various events. The sports day began with the races—the hundred meter race, the 400 meter race, the 300 metre race and one mile race. The last event was the most keenly contested one. Most of the competitors were exhausted4 in the first round and gave in. Only three remained in the field. The one who was last, made an effort in the last round and won. There was loud applause.

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The hurdle race1 also provided a good deal of fun. My friend Satish got over all the hurdles with ease and was declared first. The other races which we enjoyed were the potato race, the three-legged race and the slow cycle race. I took part in the slow cycle race and won the first prize.

Now came the long and high jumps. I participated in both the events. Luck, however, did not favor me. The one who was the tallest of all won both the events. The other events of the day were the shot-put, the discus throw and the javelin throw. I did not take part in any one of them. One of my closest friends, however, won in all these events.

The last event of the sports was the tug-of-war. It proved very interesting. Both the teams were evenly matched It was largely the skill of my friends that made them win the game. When they failed to gain even an inch, the captain ordered a change. This had the desired effect. The team now began to pull. Soon the anchor of the other team was clean dragged out. My friends won.

At 4 o’clock there was a march past of all the athletes. The Principal of my school took the salute. It was a grand sight to see the athletes march with measured footsteps and the swinging of the arms. The last event of the day was the prize distribution The Director of Education was the guest of the evening. He gave away the prizes to the winners. It was a day of great excitement.

School notes: Annual sports day at SPM English School

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The 17th Annual Sports Meet of SPM School was organised on 14th and 15th December 2012. The sports events were distributed over two days giving scope to participation of the entire student population.

The students enthusiastically participated in various team events like Football, Basketball, Langdi, Frisbee etc. Besides this, there were classwise fun games for the students like obstacle race, book balancing, skipping, lemon and spoon etc. Each student got an opportunity to participate either in a team event or the fun game.

Some parents of Std. V, teachers and the non-teaching staff also participated in fun games. The children enjoyed watching their teachers participate in these games. The Sports Meet concluded with the prize distribution ceremony.

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Write a Short Essay on Your School Annual Sports Day

The annual school sports day is celebrated in our school with great preparations. This day gives us a great pleasure. We are full of joy on that day.

The 10th January was our sports day this year.

As usual an interesting programme was made for the day. We got printed copies of the programme.

The Principal invited parents also. The Senior P. T.I, was incharge of the whole show. The sports began exactly at 10 A. M.

First of all, the athlete taking part in different events, staged a march past. The Principal of the school took the salute. Then the sports be­gan.

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The first item was that of the races — of 100 metres race, the 400 metres race and 800 metres race and five kilometers race.

The five kilo metres race was a great fun. The hurdle race was also enjoyable. It was a great fun to see the boys running with their hands tied backward.

It was a great fun when boys jumped to pluck an apple tied higher up. When they tried to find biscuit under flour, their faces were covered with flour.

Then began the slow cycle race.. The three kilometers cycle race was worth seeing. Many cyclists took part in it. It was won by Avinash.

After the races came the jumps — the long jumps, the high jumps and the pole jumps. These items were also very interesting.

Then came the items for strong and healthy boys-the shot-put, the discus throw, and the javelin throw. I did not take part in these items.

Again we had the most interesting item. It was the weight-lifting. Manoj had won the junior championship in this item last year. He went into the arena. He had a muscular body. He lifted the weight with great ease.

We were waiting for the teachers’ race as the last item. All the teachers took part in it. It was won by our P. T.I.

The prize distribution followed the sports. Arun was considered the best athlete of the school. The P. T.I, received his prize a little-doll.

Ev­erybody congratulated him. After this the students got a packet of sweets. We returned home happily.