Stress at work problem solution essay

Stress at work problem solution essay

Stress at work essay

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Problem solution essay about work stress

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Research paper on work related stress

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IELTS: causes and solution of work-related stress

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Q: The problem caused by work-related stress (such as loss of productivity) have become a concern for both employers and workers. What do you think are the main causes of work-related stress and how can they be avoided?

Work-related stress is a serious problem that cost company millions of dollars as a result of declining in productivity of the employee. This problem need to be addressed quickly as it will result in negative effects for both employee and employer, if not treated. Employee that are stressed will be prone to mental health problem such as depressed, which in turn will lead to a build-up of chronic diseases if exposed to prolonged stress. This essay will discuss the causes of work-related stress and offer some solutions.

The first cause of workplace stress is the fact that most employee complaining of feeling useless in their workplace. Employee felt this way due to the management style that seclude them in from decision making practices. Their voice are not heard and opinion are not needed. Therefore, this issue can be resolved by including employee in decision making and listening to their opinions. This way they would feel that they are an important asset of the company and that their opinion counts. Therefore, subsequently increasing the productivity rate.

The second cause of stress in workplace is the enormous workload burden that employee shouldered. It is often an unrealistic burden and sometimes they feel as if they are singled out. The way which employer ordered them to do tasks add to the problem as well. This issue can be resolved by changing the management practices of giving order into persuading employee to do a certain task. Furthermore, employer can persuade them by special persuading tools that top company’s management system employ, they are expectation, acknowledgement and also rewarding system. These tools would work well to persuade and also motivate them in doing their job.

To sum up, it is clear that the main causes of work stress are the workload burden and the feeling of uselessness. This ailment can be prevented by including them in decision making, motivating them and persuading them into doing their job rather than giving orders.

UNLESS this problem IS addressed PROMPTLY, it will BRING negative effects for both employee and employer.

BOARDOM in the workplace AS complained by most employees CAN BE CONSIDERED AS THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE FOR THE workplace stress.

A lot more to improve.

Problem needs to be addressed/ problems need to be addressed

IELTS: Stressful jobs and long working day_problem and solutions

Nowadays many jobs are more stressful and the working day is longer. What are the reasons for this? What can employers do to help employees?

In this modern era, many jobs are becoming very stressful for workers. Along with that, their working hours also expands. This essay will point out two main causes and suggest some possible solutions.

In my opinion, high unemployment rate and the urge to make more money are the two reasons for this trend. Firstly, it is undeniable that the number of jobless people is on the increase. Therefore, it would be much easier for a company to hire someone else instead of one who cannot fulfill his tasks at work. This is why many employees have to stay at the office and work overtime so as to meet the targets and not be made redundant. Secondly, the prices of mostly every product and services are increasing day by day. Hence, in order to make ends meet for himself, or even support his family financially, one is under stress to work harder and perform better, which will possibly result in promotion or higher salaries and bonuses.

If companies want to reduce stress at work and shorten working day for their employees, some solutions need to be taken into consideration. Employers must be aware that longer hours of work does not mean efficiency can be improved; in contrast, it might lead to employees working less effectively owing to stress and fatigue. Also, it is necessary that companies provide a sense of job satisfaction to their workers, as only by being happy with what they do can employees fare to the best of their ability. Employers can achieve this by creating a friendly working environment or offering bonuses as well as medical and retirement benefits.

In conclusion, many employees are now having to face stressful jobs and long working hours due to a high level of unemployment and their financial needs. In spite of this, companies should take measures to lessen the pressure put on their employees and the hours of work for the sake of their profits.

I want to have some transitions between the second and the third paragraph but can’t think of anything to write. Any suggestions?
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— —— Say this differently 🙂

———— This is my suggestion;
Secondly, the inflation is catching up day by day and therefore the cost of living is ever increasing.

Good ideas again 🙂

I suppose your points for possible solution is not strong enough.
Think about some more solutions for stress at work besides the point you already stated.
I would like to suggest some ways to reduce stress at jobs;

# Providing fitness room / recreation room ( video games, yoga etc.) at break time. Or even working out
Whole department together once a week which not only brings interaction among coworkers but also keeps healthy and

# providing individual cubicles for every employee which gives a sense of
Own place to the employees.

# providing longer contract 5 or 10 year etc.

And my suggestion for transition sentence;
# Companies should focus on overcoming such or any other kind of stresses in order
To achieve efficient and steady work performance. Increasing salary, reducing working shift
Hours, providing recreation facilities or redesigning work space are some examples which contributes
To reduce stresses. ( now you can elaborate each points further. )

# As stressed workers impede company’s performance, it is essential to work towards abating it. Increase in salary. . , are helpful in providing some sort of job satisfaction and assurance among workers.

The first paragraph can be phrased with more sophistication, with phrases more like «stress levels are high» and «long work hours adding pressure to the busy schedule of modern life» (Just a suggestion, whatever feels right to you.) Also, I think it would sound more professional if you directly say: ___ and ___ are two main causes of the issue, and a possible solution could be ___.

. it would be much easier easier in comparison to. simply «it would be easy for» works for a company to hire someone else as a replacement for one who cannot fulfill his tasks at work.

This is why many employees have to stay at the office and work overtime so as to meet the targets and not be made redundant. this sentence structure is a little awkward

Secondly, the inflation rate grows daily, leading to a corresponding increase in the cost of living.

If possible, the last paragraph should include a suggestion on how to reduce the stress as well.

1.»Employers must be aware that longer hours of work does not mean efficiency can be improved».I think you can write this sentence like this.»Employees should understand that longer hours of work does not results in higher productivity». can connect your 2nd para to the next one in a simple way. However, the stress and tension in the workplace can reduce to a great extent if employers take some necessary actions.