Write an essay on the early bird catches the worm

Write an essay on the early bird catches the worm

Essay on “Early Bird Catches the Worm”

There are many idioms and proverbs that express a gospel truth in a concise manner. One among them is — ‘Early bird catches the worm’. Simply put, this proverb signifies the importance of being punctual and disciplined to achieve success. It’s also a sign of warning and caution against procrastination and laziness. If you want to prosper you must take action now.

A “worm” usually comes out of the ground early in the morning and a “bird” that begins search early gets the “worm”. Bird here refers to the person and worm refers to the opportunity. To grab the opportunity a person must start as early as possible.

It is often a habit of people to delay their work and leave it for the last moment. The scenario is most common in the lives of students and office workers, where they leave the work to be done for the last few minutes unaware of the risks they take.

However, they have to put in a lot of effort and energy to figure out the solution to do the same work at the last possible moment and that too in haste, many times ruining the effort. Moreover the quality of work also decreases if the task is done in a hurry. Therefore, it is often advised to start early and do the work as soon as possible. Leaving the work for the last minute often piles up all the work, increasing the work load and ultimately results in failure to complete it.

If you look into the lives of all the great people ever born one trait is common among them all – they were all very punctual. Never did they postpone something that can be done then. Take for example Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Cook wakes up unfailingly at 4:30 every morning and starts with reading company e-mails and working out in gym.

This proverb Early Bird catches the Worm was first encountered in John Ray’s A Collection of English Proverbs. The meaning of the proverb is clear – You snooze, you lose, that is, if a bird starts to search for food early, it catches the worm soon not repenting afterwards. Similarly if we start to work as soon as possible we will never be in trouble in the last possible moments. This is true in every sphere and every phase of life, be it studies or be it business or projects or even the government. There are numerous benefits of taking a head start. One doesn’t have to worry about the deadline of the job and he can explore the task at hand better.


Proverb Expansion


The statement advises us to act in time. Te bird that rises earlier than the other birds goes in search of prey and it gets as many worms as it requires. But the bird that arrives late may not get a single worm and may have to go hungry. Similarly, a person who is late in doing his duties may not get the desired results. When we postpone our duties or acts, we lose the opportunities of success. We should work hard, and in time. If we are lazy, we will not attain success. When we try to work hard at a later stage, it may be is of no use. So, we should be careful in life from the beginning. Life is full of competition. Those who come first will win. We should remember the fact that there are other people who start everything early and they naturally get the best and the earliest benefits. Those who delay in their actions are always the losers. This proverb is a good piece of advice to those who get late or do not act promptly.

Early Bird Catches the Worm

Many times we hear a proverb, moral or a fact but we do not give any attention towards it. But some incidents like fighting, which is very common, reminds us of the proverb «TIT FOR TAT», about which we should not even think, but see we practice it in our daily life. But some sensible proverbs like MAKE HAY WHILE SUN SHINE, EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM etc. that we should practise daily are ignored by us.
An incident which occured with me reminds me of all these thoughts and a proverb EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM.
I was 11 years old and I was in sixth stanandard. From the first day of the school I had determined that this year I will score good marks and top in the class. For two or three days I did regular studies but after some days I became careless and became more interested in television programme. I thought that studying one day before will be enough for me. As a result I got less marks in class tests. Then I thought that if I score good marks in exam, my result will improve but the exam was just after one week and our syllabus is so tough. I was not able to prepare myself well for exam. My hope was of getting 90% or above but I got only 72%. You see! this was the result of not doing regular studies. Now in seventh standard I am not going to repeat this mistake and please you too never make such a mistake. This incident reminds me of the proverb:
You may wonder why I found this proverb suitable. It is because I thought that just like the bird who starts searching for its food soon catches it soon, in the same way if I would have started studying earlier it was possible for me to top in class.

Swati Mohta
Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Nagpur.